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Why it's critical to use 100% REAL TICKS

So you're looking at test results trying to figure out what EA to use and you've seen the following screens.

Now what if I told you these were the same EA using the same settings?

The one on the left/top used the "Every tick" setting, and the one on the right/bottom used "Every tick based on real ticks". "Every tick" on MetaTrader 5 means generated ticks, or fake market data, from the OHLC values; while "Every tick based on real ticks" downloads legitimate market data and uses that for testing. It's a much slower process, but the results are more accurate.

Generally speaking, the EA sellers are going to give you the results on the left/top. And you can very easily see it on the results page they provide. Pay attention to what it says next to History Quality. They won't give you the realistic test on the right/bottom because their only goal is to sell you an EA.

I give you the real results using real data. This is why sometimes my graphs are actually worse than what the EA developer has posted. But I need legitimate results because I trade using the EA's. Fake data that looks good isn't going to do either one of us any favors.

Further reading

If you'd like to read more in detail on the topic, the MetaQuotes website (developers of MetaTrader) have an article at: The Algorithm of Ticks' Generation within the Strategy Tester of the MetaTrader 5 Terminal - MQL5 Articles which explains in detail how this works.

Don't get scammed.

If the results don't say 100% REAL TICKS, it's not a real test.