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Dark Venus MT5 Set [GAMBLER]

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Recommended Time Frame: M1

Recommended Pairs: EURUSD

Results from: Symbol:EURUSD Period:M1 (2022.12.01 - 2023.12.01)

IMPORTANT: I like to refer to these as "GAMBLER" files. The drawdown is going to be far too high for any prop firm, so don't even think about using it on one. But this is the sort of thing where you toss a few bucks into a live account and take a gamble.

Starting with $10,000 and a year later having $2,443,930.95 in profit only happens when you take a gamble. No one consistently makes that sort of money because if you compound that out you'd be richer than Elon Musk in a few years. So the odds are against you with my "GAMBLER" files, but if it works the payout is huge.

Dark Venus is not appropriate for PROPFIRM use in my opinion, no matter what settings are used.

You will get a SET (11KB) file

Customer Reviews


1 month ago

Quick money maker, might be high risk?

Makes FAST money, said to be high risk but who cares? I started with $100, and when I got to $200 I just split it into two accounts and kept going. One trades majors, one trades crypto.

Zach C.

7 months ago


Started live with $500 to test on Dec 1, after one day of trading it made $61. Took 27 trades with a 59% win rate.